CELR People

Members of CELR Council

Tiit Roosmaa

Chair of the Council, nominated by Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

E-mail: tiit.roosmaa ät ut.ee

Priit Tamm

Representative of Estonian Research Council

E-mail: priit.tamm ät etag.ee

Pärtel Lippus

Representative of University of Tartu

E-mail: partel.lippus ät ut.ee

Einar Meister

Representative of Tallinn University of Technology

E-mail: einar ät ioc.ee

Tõnis Nurk

Representative of Institute of Estonian Language

E-mail: tonis.nurk ät eki.ee


Executive staff of CELR at University of Tartu

Kadri Vider

Executive Manager of CELR

Phone: +372 7376 433

E-mail: kadri.vider ät ut.ee

Krista Liin

E-mail: krista.liin ät ut.ee

Neeme Kahusk

E-mail: neeme.kahusk ät ut.ee

Mart Klanberg

E-mail: mart.klanberg ät ut.ee

Indrek Jentson

E-mail: indrek.jentson ät ut.ee