CELR Services

Archiving and depositing

... texts and corpora, audio and video recordings, lexical data and terminologies, tools for NLP (Natural Language Processing) – every piece of linguistic research data is worth archiving and CELR can do it virtually without limits.

Access to resources

... once the data is collected and archived, users need access to the Estonian language resources. CELR can make them handily available according to the specified terms and conditions for use.

Expertise for users

... access to the data takes you only halfway towards the goal. Whether you get the answers to your questions depends on your knowledge on how to use the huge amount of data in a more efficient way. CELR can share this knowledge in the user guides and FAQ provided on the webpage, but also in workshops and responses to individual queries.

Environment for using and creating tools

...when using the Estonian data, competent users need  an environment for searching, analysing and annotating language resources as well as developing new NLP tools – CELR can provide such an environment.