CELR Consortium

CELR was established on 2nd of December 2011. It is a consortium of 4 institutions that is a research infrastructure of national importance belonging to the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap.

Competence and expertise profiles of the consortium members consist of following:

  • University of Tartu:  the Research Group of Computational Linguistics connects language technology researchers and students of the Institute of Computer Science and computational linguists in the Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics. Also Laboratory of Spoken and Computer Mediated Communication of the University of Tartu is tightly connected. These research groups with researchers and other staff are leaders in corpus linguistics, text analysing tools, dialogue modelling and wordnets. Cooperation with High Performance Computing Center at the University of Tartu will facilitate to provide central IT-services as hosting, deposite, preservation of resources and other data, users access and authorisation.

Partner contact - Einar Meister, e-mail: einar at ioc.ee

  • The Institute of the Estonian Language is a research and development institution whose mission is to contribute to the survival and good health of Estonian by the cultivation and advancement of standard Estonian, by compiling and editing dictionaries essential for the national culture and by the maintenance of relevant data collections, as well as by fundamental and applied research supporting the above activities, and by providing the language with a language-technological support.

Partner contact - Tõnis Nurk, e-mail: tonis at eki.ee

  • The Estonian Literary Museum is the leading research institution on Estonian culture and folklore. The vast amounts of texts, audio and videos in its collections have much to offer when explored using language technology. ELM can also be considered to have the best expertise on Estonian digital humanities.

Partner contact - Siiri Pärkson, e-mail: siiri.parkson at kirmus.ee