Speech processing tools

EKI logoText-to-Speech Synthesis for Estonian ressurss META-SHARE'is

The environment contains different versions, apps and interfaces of Estonian text-to-speech synthesis, as well as other materials created for speech synthesis. Users can listen to different Estonian synthetic voices, which can also be downloaded. In addition, there are other downloadable apps of synthesis for smartphones and computers.

EKI logoEstonian HTS Speech Synthesiser  ressurss META-SHARE'is

Reads aloud Estonian texts.

EKI logo HTS Speech Synthesiser for Võru dialect ressurss META-SHARE'is

Reads aloud texts written in Võru dialect.

EKI logo Android Newsreader ressurss META-SHARE'is

Reads aloud fresh news in Estonian. User options include three synthetic voices and different speech rates.

EKI logo Audio Interface for Texts and Ebook Generator ressurss META-SHARE'is

Converts texts in txt or html format to audio files and provides ebooks in ePub3 format with audio files to be listened to in synthetic speech. The audio interface and ebook generator Vox Populi consists of two components – an audio interface for texts and a pronunciation glossary. A joint application of those two and the system of speech synthesis of the Institute of the Estonian Language will convert a user´s text file into a synthetic audio file.


  • Android app "Diktofon": a dictaphone application, including an interface to an online Estonian speech-to-text service. Also detects speakers in the recordings.
  • Android app "Kõnele": offers speech-to-text services to other apps, such as intelligent assistants, keyboard apps, navigation apps etc.